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Hello to all Beagle Lovers!

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I am new here and this is my first time posting. I have already enjoyed snooping around a little and reading the different reasons that people are here.
I am a wife and the mother to four great kids. We have three dogs, a Beagle, Dachsund, and English Setter. I love them all, But our Beagle Koda is the most endearing and charming pet ever.
I even started a blog about him recently. I hope you will visit. I hope to grow my blog to encompass everything from cute stories to tips for young families with Beagles. I hope you will visit often.


Nice to meet you all.

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Hello, Welcome ... also started a short time ago, but I confess that I love the site ... I will make a visit to your blog. Come visit my too!

Thanks for the warm welcome guys! Koda and I are feeling right at home.
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to Beagle World Koda & Shauna.
Hope you enjoy the site and I was warned in the beginning that it's quite addicting and it's true! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do

BTW, Koda is soo cute
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Welcome! Koda is a very cute boy and I liked your blog.
Welcome to BW its a great, active community for anything beagle related, i hope you enjoy it
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Welcome Shauna, Kody, and the rest of the pack!
Welcome to Beagle World!
a big welcome to beagle world. I have just read your blog and look forward to the continuation.
Welcome to BW. Always glad to add another friend to our list of beagle lovers. This is an active and informative forum so I hope you enjoy it.
Welcome! Koda is quite the handsome man. I really like your blog and can't wait to read some more!

Hope you enjoy it here at BeagleWorld!

Also, your blog is very lovely to read! Can't wait for you to continue your story!
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