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Hello! New here!

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Hello Everyone!

Just want to introduce myself.

I currently have Jazmyn, a beagle/aussie mix. She looks like a beagle, but she is a bit taller with a "shaggy" coat.

I work at the Volunteer at the local dog shelter, and I currently have a heavily pregnant purebred beagle as a foster dog (She is one of my 9 foster dogs!!!)

I was hoping to join here, and get to know everyone, and also post under the rescue section to help find homes for the beagles in the shelter & then Punky's litter & punky eventually!!

My PERMANENT dog family also consists of 4 (soon to be 5) Great danes, and we have a boston terrier, a boston mix, and a mini. doxie!!

We have several other critters, 2 cats, guinea pigs, goats, a cow, cockatiels, chickens, ducks, and a red eared slider turtle!!
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Welcome to BW! :wave: My hat's off to you for the wonderful work you're doing. :thumbup: You really have a diverse pack.
Howdy Welcome to beagle World. Why do I think Jazmyn identifies with the Doxie /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif Bless you finding homes for these dogs!
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Thanks everyone!!

Jazmyn actually LOVES to play with the big dogs... Willie (the doxie) thinks he is a dane puppy! Heaven forbid he should play with the bostons or Jazzie....the commoners!!! He is comical, because he likes to sleep on the great danes' shoulders & backs..everyone worries he will be hurt by them playing, but they are VERY gentle with him!!
Welcome to Beagle World. Maggie's two best friends are Aussies. I don't think I've ever seen a beagle, Aussie mix.
wow what a pack!!!

welcome to BW!!
Welcome to BW! I have also had nearly all of the
possible "critters" imaginable as pets or held
some until they could recover from the injuries
inflicted by preadators. (This may sound like an
oxymoron), since I hunt small to very large game
when"in season"! But I have rehabilitated many
reptiles & birds & some mammals that would have
died from their encounter with humans & predators!
"Fair-chase" means just what the word implies! Doves are not my favourite game...but they hold the record as the most rescued since they are the
most vulnerable to domestic pets. Doves do have a high recovery rate though & once (cleared) will
enjoy the company of some caged birds like the
budgie or a canarie. "Perkey" my budgie/ parakeet
nursed many doves back to health! :thumbup:
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Welcome.... sound like you have your hands full.....
Welcome to BW! You really do have quite a variety in your pack -- looking forward to hearing more about everyone.
welcome. Now give us some pics, ahahahah.
Wow! That's a lot of dogs! Thank you for all of the work you are doing with the foster dogs...I wish I had the space to have tons! Welcome!
A big welcome to beagle world. You are doing a grand job and my goodness, how do you manage with so many animals?
Welcome to you and your large and diverse pack! Looking forward to seeing pictures of them all. And good luck finding homes for Punky and Punky's puppies...
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