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hello from uk

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hi everyone, my name is ben, and the wife and i have decided to get a beagle puppy for us and the kids. it will be nearly 8 weeks before we can pick her up as they have only just been born (we havnt even seen them yet). hope to get some good info off the forum to help us along the way.

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Welcome Ben! Do you know if you'll be getting a male or a female? Either way, you're in for the time of your life! Beagles are the best!
Welcome to the BW pack! You have come to the right place. The info you give, the more we cane help. So ask what you will.
hi guys, we are hoping to get a female. there are 8 pups and we are second on the list to view. its a nervous time as we know they can be a handful but we have wanted one for ages and they dont come up very often in our area.

our 2 main concerns were the smell of them and the howling, but after more research it seems these problems are not as bad as we first thought.
Welcome to BW. It is a great forum and the member have lots of experience with the breed. I have never found Beagles to be a bad smelling breed. Megan actually has a very serene and comfy smell about her to me. Now when they get wet and come back into a very warm house, any dog is going to smell! lol And being scent hounds, be forewarned that they will roll in things. Mine are fond of worms. ugh!! Some beagles are barkers, some no so much. Most of us actually like their voices, but I will be the first to admit every once in a while Austin can get a certain voice going that I swear would peel the paint off walls! Any shortcomings they might have are more than made up with the joy, fun and love they give in return.
cool. we realise every dog can be different and if you worry about these things too much you dont end up with any dog breed in the end. defo worth the gamble i think. my daughter is really excited but we havnt told our son yet incase something goes wrong and we dont get her.
apart from the obvious is there a big difference between the male and female?
I've never had a problem with beagles being smelly. Really, howling has never been an issue, either. The aroo can get a little loud at times, but it's not a constant.

We've had both male and female over the years. My personal experience is that the female is more eager to please. However, I've read that others think that's true of the male, so it's definitely a matter of opinion.
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nice one, thanks for the help and the welcomes
Welcome to beagle world! My husband and I are going to be getting our first beagle puppy in a week and we are so excited. I may not have any words of wisdom to give you, but know that any questions you might have, we probably have had or still have so ask away. Everyone here is really friendly and incredibly helpful. We are getting a male. I have heard that females want more attention and are more affectionate. On the other hand, males are still affectionate but are more playful/adventurous. It totally depends on your lifestyle and what you want. We got a little boy because we like to go camping/hiking and thought the male would be the best fit. Of course every beagle is different, so who knows. I hope that helps!
Welcome to Beagle World. I love puppies. It must be so exciting for you and your family.
Welcome! You're going to have your hands full in 8 weeks. But it'll be well worth it in the long run. I'm looking forward to seeing pics too.
Welcome to beagle world.
Whether you get a male or a female wont make much difference. our first two beagles were female, very loving, playful and keen walkers.Our present two are a boy and a girl. Snoopy, the boy is very affecionate, lively and cheeky. Susi is very affectionate, a keen hunter but not at all playful. These two are ex research beagles however, so poor Susi never learnt to play. Both would walk all day, given a chance.
Whatever you decide I would recommend you have her or him neutered.
Welcome to Beagle World. Can't wait to see what your puppy is going to look like. Make you share pictures with us because we are suckers for puppies.
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The wait is the hardest , I look forward to seeing pictures when he/she arrives.
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