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Hello from Toronto Ontario!!

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Hey everybody,

This is my first time on Beagle World Forum!! I have a beagle name Toby he's now 1 year old! I love him so much, he is the cuddliest and the most happy go lucky dog ever!!

The one on the right is Toby and the left one is my dog walker's beagle!



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Welcome to the pack! You can find info. on how to post pictures here.
Welcome! He's adorable, and he and the walker's dog have the great dog head-turn going on in that photo. Hope you enjoy reading and posting here
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Such a cutie!!
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Howdy, Welcome to Beagle World and a big ole welcome arrooo to Toby!
Welcome to Beagle World.
Welcome he's adorable
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He is too cute!
Welcome to BW!
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A big welcome to beagle world. Toby and his friend are good lookers.
Welcome!!! It's always nice to see someone on here that lives close by. I'm in Mississauga!! You should take Toby to dog day at the Jay's game.


Perhaps you'll see Zelda and I there!!
Welcome! I also live very near Toronto (just south a bit in Markham!)! Toby is very cute!
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we should all do a toronto beagle meet-up somewhere.
i am in scarborough near the beaches.
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