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Hi beagle friends!
My partner Mike made this account when we were researching whether or not to get a beagle. I can't believe it's been a year since we made the 15 hour drive to rescue our Georgian beagle Fat Albert! He was a whopping 60 lbs when we first got him and after a couple of stolen porkchops, 1 kg of frozen vegetables, 6 bakery buns, a couple packages of hot sauce, and a chocolate bunny (*gulp...don't worry, Albert's trained us not to leave food around and to be better parents now*) we thought we might have adopted a theiving pig wearing fur. I read all warnings about beagles and their noses, but man does Albert love his grub!
It's been a slow learning curve but we're working hard to keep his weight off--he's down 7-10 lbs so far and counting. If anyone has any experience with dieting a fat, stubborn beagle please give us a shout. In fact I think I'll try and learn to start a post about that right now...
Cheerio beagle fellow lovers!
Safiah, Mike, and Albert

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Welcome to BW! Has Fat Albert been checked for a thyroid condition? I've had two overweight male beagles who had thyroid conditions. Went on meds and a diet! You can also round out the dinner bowl with green beans. It fills them up without adding anymore weight.
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