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Hello from Philadelphia!

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Hi everyone!

My name is Devon and my boyfriend, Pat & I are the proud owners of 13-month old Totti (pronounced Toady not Toddy). We've had him for almost 10 months now and he has been such a bundle of joy. He has such a funny personality- he'll make you laugh at your worst times! He loves to be mischievous and steal stuffed animals from my room, UGG boots, brushes- basically anything that looks attractive and is too big for him to carry! He also loves to go for long walks and wake you up 2 in the morning to play (I'm used to it!). We love him very much and are having so much fun raising him.

I look forward to meeting other Beagle owners and hearing their stories on raising these beautiful dogs!

Attached are a few photos of my little man!


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Thank you for the kind welcomes, everyone!

And yes, Janice, I am a part of the Beagle meetup group. Unfortunately, we couldn't go to the meetup Sunday, but we will definitely be attending the future meetups! I'm really looking forward to Totti playing with other beagles in preparation for a new beagle addition to the family this coming fall
Yes, my family now loves beagles that much that my parents are going out and finding Totti a baby brother (well uncle, really- he'll be my mom's boy!)!

I have a zillion pictures of Totti but I need to size them down when I have a chance! I will be posting them soon though!
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