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Hello, my name is Dee. And I am the proud new mom of a beagle boy named Bentley.

I grew up with a beagle named Teddy. What do I remember of Teddy? Well, he was a dedicated garbage hound. He would go up one side of the street and down the other on garbage day, tipping over all the cans, searching for the good stuff. That and the fact that he would lay on the heat vent and fart. Usually at supper time. Did I mention the vent is under the kitchen table?

I have a daschund named Oscar (yes, he's a walking cliche), and decided that he needs a playmate. I started scouring Craigslist for a daschie, but instead came across an ad for a four year old beagle, fixed, that needed to find a forever home.

He has seperation anxiety, and they could not deal with him any longer. I work from home, so this is not an issue in our world.

When I got him, his dew claws were complete circles. He's not been properly leash trained. But other than that, he's a dream! And today we bought a Haltie and all is good on the leash. He's the friendliest boy!

I sourced out this forum because I want to be the best beagle mummy I can be. Sure I grew up with one, but I was a kid.

Thanks for being here. Thanks for answering my millions of future questions. LOL

And hey, if someone can figure out how to make this pic an avatar size for me, I would be SO appreciative!!!


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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