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hello from eustis, fl again

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sorry, it will take me awhile to get used to the way this forum works. my name is dudley and my beagles are EB and CB.
i'm looking forward to getting to know you all. I am fairly computer illiterate and it took about two hours to figure out how to resize photos. i am currently active on a jack russell forum and a bamboo forum. i hope to become an active member of this community as well. i love all dogs but beagles hold a special place in my heart and i am looking forward to sharing info with people who feel the same.
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Hi and welcome!! Resizing and posting photos can be a challenge at first especially because all the forums are different.

Hi and Welcome - This might help for resizing your photos:
If you are using Microsoft, you can right click your photos and open with Microsoft Picture Manager - then select picture on the menu (top of screen) and choose compress picture, from the task pane (left side panel) select web pages and then click OK. You then need to save your new resized picture. Then your pictures are ready to upload on to this site via the File Manager below where you type in your message. Good Luck.
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If you are having difficulty with photos let me know, I can help resize them for you!
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