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Awwww what a great story! Soo glad your Daisy found you (or you found her, both ways) just in the nick of time it sounds like!

I read your other post, and yes you are going thru everything normal for beagles! sorry to tell ya that, but its true! As far as the part about peeing in the same spot, I do understand it, it has happened for us too, but I dont know exactly what we have done to break it, just that we have now.
I think part of it though is just getting used to her new home, etc.

We had a little guy we found here this winter too, when it was 20 below zero! He showed up at our door, bones showing thru, no collar, and after one night out there, I couldnt handle it and let him in. After plenty of signs around town, it was obvious he didnt belong to anyone either, and has become part of our pack of 3 beagles now.
He has a lot of different issues too, other than our other 2 whom I have had since birth for one, and 6 wks old for the other.

If you want to-you can email me specific questions too-I will see what I can do, but otherwise I am sure the rest of the gang on here will jump in and share thoughts with you too.

Give Daisy puppy kisses and hugs from the gang here!

Judi and the fearsome threesome (HAHA) sorry had to

Harley :angel:
and Chopper (my new guy who showed up this winter) :thumbup:
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