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Health Question

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How do you know if your beagle has a cold? She is still recovering from her colitis, she started her diarriah back up again last night. I am not sure how to tell if she has a fever. But you know that inverse sneeze that beagles do sometimes? She keeps doing it, and is sometimes sneezing afterwards. Also sometimes when she walks around or when you lift her, she sounds like her nose is full of snot, she like, gargles or what not....
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I agree on a vet call. The diarrhea again is worrrysome and the breathing noise bears looking into imho. One of my bridge beagles was being her totally silly goose self and was sleeping on her back. For whatever reason she sneezed, coughed and threw up. Unfortunately she was still on her back and half asleep and she inhaled the vomit! Pneumonia was the result.
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