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He is NOT stupid!

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The other night I was out walking Caesar. As we were passing a small group of people Caesar stopped to sniff a shrub. At that point one lady walked over to me and said Beagles sure are stupid. You know, on the ladder of dog intelligence they are very low.
I was stunned! All I could think to say was Actually beagles are very smart. Thier noses just get them into things. Her reply was Well my fammily has two beagles and they are really stupid. At that point I walked away. I was so mad!!!
How dare she say that? A complete stranger! As we continued to walk I was thinking about all the things I should have said, like There are no stupid dogs, only stupid dog owners. I actually turned back, hoping to see them again but by then they were gone. If I see her again I'll be better prepared. Caesar is not stupid, nor is any beagle!
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WOW. Isn't it amazing how ignorant people can be! Some of these stories just amaze me. I can't believe people have the audacity to pull that kind of stuff.
Wow, aren't strangers stupid? So many times I've heard of them staying the dumbest things when they open their mouths...
I agree that a dog is only as smart as his circumstances allow.
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While maybe I wouldn't argue that as a breed they are the geniuses of the canine world, they are certainly not stupid! Like you said, stupid owners! But what gets me most isn't that she thinks Beagles are stupid, but that some stranger would just walk up and basically say, your dog is stupid! Some people!
In my opinion, the woman was unbelievably rude! There was absolutely no reason for her to approach you and insult your beagle!
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Quote:Her reply was Well my fammily has two beagles and they are really stupid.
I would have replied Don't you realize that dogs gets their intelligence from their owners?
That would make me so mad. Beagles are not stupid, stubborn as all Hades, but not stupid. I have a friend at work who had a Beagle. He had to be put to sleep after being struck by lightning. She says he was too stupid to come inside during a storm. I say she was too stupid to bring her dog in out of the rain.
Oooohhh..i would have gone off on her! How dare she make such a stupid comment.
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Beagles are far smarter than people take for granted. A beagle will workout how to do things. Now that's far from stupid.

A border collie on the other hand, which is said to be the most intelligent dog is only smart because it does what its told. Now that's stupid.
Stupid, is blindly doing what ever you are taught or told to do. Blind obedience is NOT a sign of intelligence. If you doubt that, open a history book.

Independent thinking and the ability… even stubborn insistence that you consider and choose your own options is intelligence.

Sounds like Beagles to me!
My first though was, oh, those poor dogs that she owns. What a miserable life they my have with someone calling them stupid.
Originally Posted By: barking madBeagles are far smarter than people take for granted. A beagle will workout how to do things. Now that's far from stupid.

A border collie on the other hand, which is said to be the most intelligent dog is only smart because it does what its told. Now that's stupid.

If tenacity at figuring something out is a sign of intelligence, I take back what I said!!! I would DEFINITELY argue that Beagles are geniuses of the canine world!!! You are certainly right, though, Beagles work out how to do something!!!
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There was a book published a while back called The Intelligence of Dogs that did a ranking of the intelligence of dog breeds. I have never quite gotten around to reading it, but I do understand from people who have read it that although it includes discussion of different types of intelligence in dogs - and not just obedience intelligence - it includes a ranking for obedience intelligence that has beagles right down close to the very bottom, and many people therefore have taken from that that beagles are stupid. I believe that the author (Stanley Coren, a local professor who actually has a beagle and I don't think harbours ill will towards beagles - he met ours once and was actually quite taken by Moose) does explain that this is only ONE measure of intelligence, but I think the rankings got a lot of coverage and beagles have gotten a lot of bad press as a result. I think in other tests of problem solving and other kinds of intelligence beagles have scored at or close to the top - but that seems to get lost in all the attention that is paid to blind obedience...
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I don't think that I have ever met a stupid dog. Though some dogs may lack in intelligence in some areas, they always make up for it in others. If owners truly understood the breed of dog that they choose to own, then an owner would know how to focus on a breed's strengths and overcome its weaknesses.

The bottom line is, before you buy a dog, study the breed. If you are willing to work with the instincts, any dog can be a smart dog.

P.S. If someone said my Leo was stupid, I would make sure he left a nice big poo in their yard!
I would have been FUMING! Stupid, stupid, people!
This makes me mad just reading it and I feel you! My husband and I took our 2 for a walk in the park one day and we approached a play group of a few mom's and their kiddos when one of the mom's yelled out watch out, you never know with Beagles I was so angry and all I could think to say at the time was keep a good hold on Daisy Matt because you never know! I wanted to punch her in her face
I was burnt about it all day and I still get angry when I think about all the come backs I could have used. I hate when people make assumptions about a breed they have never owned or they think they know all about a breed because of one strange encounter they might have had. You are right there are no stupid dogs just stupid dog owners!!
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Very rude, but try not to let it get you too upset. I would hazard a guess and say she thinks beagles are stupid because she's not smart enough to train them
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there is a video that shows a beagle getting out of a coop.
kinda like a chicken coop.
if anyone sees that, they will never call beagles stupid again.
i made up my mind from that point on (seeing the video)
that a beagle could do ANYTHING. if it wanted to.
If I ever meet someone who says they have a Beagle and it is stupid - I have got a great comeback - Stupid is as stupid does. Of course I would have a few other choice words too that aren't printable here if anyone ever called my two stupid.
Too bad Caesar won't pee on command. If you ran into her again you could say, look what my *stupid* dog can do. He could then lift his leg and pee on her. That is what she deserves.
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