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He fell

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I'm really worried and feel a little guilty even though it's not really my fault. Well I was going to bed and I shut the lights off and I had put him on my bed, which he was just sitting.In like 2 seconds after the lights go off he walks to the edge of the bed and falls /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/rotatesmiley2.gif. He yelped of course and he was shaken up about it. I was just holding him and trying to make sure he was ok. Poor thing was scared and walked out of my room to go to the bed in the living room /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/blush.gif. I wish i wouldn't have put him in the bed and shut off the lights ugh. Anyhow he ended up walking back with me and slept fine. This morning he was just a tad out of it, but he wasn't shaking but not as usual. I guess I'll call the vet this morning. I feel awful.
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Thanks guys. The only reason I'm really freaking out is because of everything he's been through, my niece had dropped him and he was in pain. He had finished all his medicine like week n 1/2 ago. I just went home for lunch and he seemed fine. One thing though, which I don't think has anything to do with him falling is that he didn't really want to eat his food. He looked up at me huffing and barked like he didn't care to eat it anymore. I guess it's because I'm just feeding him the dry because I don't have anymore of the canned food. I usually would mix it but when I don't he would still eat it.
Now he's not going to my room at all. Well last nite we were playing in the hallway and he bumped against the wall w/ his muzzle. He was fine, it was nothing but he just left the hallway immediately so now he won't even go in the hallway, just living room and outside/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/exactly.gif. I'm still worried about him. He's like slowed down and not playing much since. He's not chewing on shoes or much else. I'm so confused. AGAIN. He doesn't seem in pain but who knows. He goes for his last round of shots next fri. I wonder if I should just wait a week and see what happens.
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I hear you Kim, I worry sooo much. He'll be 13 weeks tomorrow. Well to my relief he was playing, biting, chewing and acting just normal today. As far as his appetite, I just think he doesn't want 3 full meals but he ate 2 full meals today. It's odd, I think he is just very sensitive. Maybe it's just moods. I guess I expected him to want to follow me everywhere and want to be out his cage all the time. He seems real comfortable in there now, and I think he's quite independent, although he is affectionate and very sweet. I signed him up to some training/obedience classes starting in 2 weeks. I'm excited
how friggin adorable! too cute. He's fine now, thank goodness i didn't take a trip to the vet.
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