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He fell

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I'm really worried and feel a little guilty even though it's not really my fault. Well I was going to bed and I shut the lights off and I had put him on my bed, which he was just sitting.In like 2 seconds after the lights go off he walks to the edge of the bed and falls /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/rotatesmiley2.gif. He yelped of course and he was shaken up about it. I was just holding him and trying to make sure he was ok. Poor thing was scared and walked out of my room to go to the bed in the living room /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/blush.gif. I wish i wouldn't have put him in the bed and shut off the lights ugh. Anyhow he ended up walking back with me and slept fine. This morning he was just a tad out of it, but he wasn't shaking but not as usual. I guess I'll call the vet this morning. I feel awful.
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Ok - I'm gonna look at it from the other way of what other people have said but remember - I am THE worrier of all worriers. I just re-read your intro so little Marco is now about 10 - 11 weeks old? The fact that some of his usual puppy playfullnes and other behaviors have changed - I probably would be tempted to call the vet.

When I got Shiloh (about 8 weks old), we stopped at my cousin's on the way home to show him off. As we were leaving, Shiloh wiggled out of my arms and fell onto the gravel driveway - needless to say- I was really scared. The rest of the day I watched him really close - lookin/watching for ANY changes but there never were any. Shiloh kept eating - drinking - pottying - playing - no changes. That is why I never did call the vet. On the other hand, you aare noticing some minor changes in Marco. Definitely if he is not eating his usual meals or going potty like he did then I would at least call the vet.
/forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/yay.gif So glad to hear Marco is doing better and eating well. It is so hard on us doggy parents to just stand by and watch and not know how we can make it better - just let time make things better - we want things NOW. I was reading what you said about Marco liking his independence but can be affectionate - that sounds so much like Shiloh was as a puppy - and how he still is. I have found that Shasta is my baby and not quite the independent one that Shiloh is - she is a little more clingy to me. Here is a pic I took of Shiloh shortly after I brought him home-

This is a pic I took of Shasta the day I first met her-

As long as Marco continues playing and eating good, I probably would not call the vet unless that changes. I would mention it though when you take him in for his shots.

Ok - gotta go get ready for bed. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/doh.gif
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