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He fell

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I'm really worried and feel a little guilty even though it's not really my fault. Well I was going to bed and I shut the lights off and I had put him on my bed, which he was just sitting.In like 2 seconds after the lights go off he walks to the edge of the bed and falls /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/rotatesmiley2.gif. He yelped of course and he was shaken up about it. I was just holding him and trying to make sure he was ok. Poor thing was scared and walked out of my room to go to the bed in the living room /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/blush.gif. I wish i wouldn't have put him in the bed and shut off the lights ugh. Anyhow he ended up walking back with me and slept fine. This morning he was just a tad out of it, but he wasn't shaking but not as usual. I guess I'll call the vet this morning. I feel awful.
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Kioko is very affectionate, but she is NOT a mommy follower. She is fiercely independant...almost cat-like that way, actually...and so she can seem somewhat aloof. She's such a cuddler, though. If you want beagle luvvins from her, all you have to do is pick her up and put her on your lap or on the sofa next to you and she'll just flop down and let you pet/scratch for a LONG time. She even full-out sleeps on laps. For all that, though, she doesn't necessarily want to be attached to me all the time, and she doesn't have an intense desire to please.

These are pretty basic qualities of the beagle breed...some call it "beaglishness."

Marco is a lovely pup, and as long as he's affectionate, playful and eating well, I wouldn't worry too much about the rest.
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