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Hello everyone,

we've been thinking to get a dog for a while now. It didn't really fit with our day to day routine(baby, rental home, full time jobs, lots of travelling etc) but last year we finally made the decision to go for it. Our daughter is now 7, we have our own home with a good size garden and there's always somebody around the house since after corona I'm working from home almost full-time and my wife only works two full days a week. So our search began for the breed. After A LOT of research we narrowed it down to a male (in order of preference) Beagle, English Cocker Spaniel or a Whippet. Next challenge was to find a good pup. Not an easy job here in Belgium. Anyway we got on several waiting lists and finally the news came that a beagle puppy was avaible. This is a dog with pedigree, a full breed Beagle.

And now we are having second thoughts about the Beagle :( We start focussing on all the negative news we hear and read. Very hard to handle, cannot be left alone, you cannot take them with you anywhere because they bark all the time or try to run away (eg. restaurant, drink in an outside bar,...), they cannot be left alone or they brake down the house, they cannot be left in the garden or they start digging like rabbits, they are hard to walk, they cannot ever walk without a leash (eg. beach, dog pen,...).

For sure we would take him to puppy training.

Now on top of that we have the choice between a male and a bitch. I was 100% sure about the male, but now I also hear the the bitches are easier to handle?

I'm sorry for the rant, my mind is a mess right now :(

Please Beagle owners, calm down my mind :)
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