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You sound like you have done your research! Thank you for that!
Any dog is a full-time commitment - it's having a child who stays at age 2.
Beagles can have separation anxiety as they are bred to hunt in packs they always want to be surrounded by their pack, so if you decide on a beagle, make sure you have plans to inlcude it on activities. They're an active breed, like any dog, left to their own devices, they can be destructive. Ally chewed a chair rung and the corner of the baseboard but my husband left her alone in the kitchen as a puppy while he was in the basement for a bit. No destruction after that; except she loved ripping the stuffing out of toys (she never tried to eat it).
Crate training helps with taking them places, any fears (storms, loud noises) and potty training. They can be trained not to bark excessively, Ally hardly ever barked unless someone was at the door (she was not left unattended outside). We took her on trips, she was quiet and well behaved (a good case for crate training as well). She sat at outdoor restaurants with us, just keep on a leash tethered to you - I just wrapped Ally's around my ankle - we took kibble and she had her dinner but of course she still begged and of course it worked, lol.
Ally like to dig when she was a puppy, but it was just a stage for her. I put her to work digging holes for my annuals (no kidding). She enjoyed digging in the sand at the beach, but was not a chronic digger in the garden. She did not like water (lakes, ocean etc).
Puppy training is the best thing you can do - it is good for socialization and to learn limits. Food motivation helps with training but also adds calories, so have to adjust for that. They do not respond well to punishment, only positive correction and redirection. Punishment will lead to a fearful beagle.
I've only had females, so I can't comment on gender.
Personally, I've had a jack russell terrier mix, 2 poodles, a lab/beagle mix and a purebred beagle. My beagle was easier than all of them - it's all about how you train them and their personalities. My beagle was my heart dog. I'm in between beagles right now.
Looking at your other two choices of breeds, all will be of the same energy and exercise needs and prone to separation anxiety. With a young child, have you read up on spaniel rage? Temperament is a genetic trait.
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