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Having a safe “howl”oween

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Halloween brings up images of trick-or-treaters, jack-o’-lanterns and dressing up in costumes. And while Halloween is certainly just as much fun for adults as it is for children, we as Beagle owners need to exercise precaution during this time. Below are a few tips on how to keep your Beagle safe on this holiday:

Trick-or-treaters can be fun and cute in their costumes. However, if your Beagle is overly protective of the home, you may want to keep him in a separate room or he will be barking and howling all night long. Some of the more scary costumes may frighten him or cause him to run out the door while you are distracted giving out candy. In addition, he may be overly friendly and want to jump on your visitors and this can be a problem if there are children who are afraid of dogs. Be certain that your pet is wearing their ID tags and collars just in case.

Any candy for trick-or-treaters, especially the chocolate kind, should be kept high and out of reach of your Beagle. Also be careful that as you are giving the candy out, any candy that may fall on the floor is picked up right away. Chocolate can be fatal to dogs if ingested.

Any home decorations should be kept out of reach. Beagles tend to chew up and eat any and everything. Decorations such as crepe paper, streamers, fake spider webs, etc. can become a choke hazard or make your Beagle sick. In addition, any candles or indoor jack-o’-lanterns can become a fire hazard if knocked over by an overzealous Beagle. Burned tails, whiskers and paws can be a risk to the more curious Beagle.

If your Beagle will be accompanying you as you go trick-or-treating, pay careful attention to what is on the ground. Your Beagle’s nose can easily detect a stray piece of candy and he will quickly gulp it down. (You should be careful when walking your Beagle the next few days as well.) If you will be dressing your Beagle up in a costume, make sure it is a correct fit and that there are no loose parts for him to chew or choke on.

And last but not least, do not leave your Beagle unattended in the yard during Halloween (even a fenced yard). Halloween brings out the mischievousness in people and you do not want your Beagle to be a subject of their torture.

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