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I need some help on picking out the right harness for the girls.
Maggie is no problem on a leash. She'll walk right beside you and never pull.
Then there is her darling sister Jasmine. She pulls,reverse sneezes,pulls, reverse sneezes... etc... You can actually see Maggie's eye roll back like "Oh boy here she goes again". I feel bad walking her? I know I need a harness, and I did see one at petco that was made by 4 paws and is also good for the car?

Any suggestions will help?
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In my past Doggie Mama life I was a Chihuahua Mommy. I didn't need a harness cause mine were true lap dogs. A couple of weeks ago, Hubby and I took the girl to Petsmart and I had to basically drag both into the store cause we didn't have harnesses. I just knew the humane society was gonna sweep in and get us both for cruelty.

So we got this

And WE ALL, including the Girls LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Hubby even has a Boxter that lives with his exwife and he is able to bring him over in his harness that is the same and we can walk all 3 dogs at once with little to no wandering!
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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