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I need some help on picking out the right harness for the girls.
Maggie is no problem on a leash. She'll walk right beside you and never pull.
Then there is her darling sister Jasmine. She pulls,reverse sneezes,pulls, reverse sneezes... etc... You can actually see Maggie's eye roll back like "Oh boy here she goes again". I feel bad walking her? I know I need a harness, and I did see one at petco that was made by 4 paws and is also good for the car?

Any suggestions will help?
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I tried every no pull harness on Spencer that you can think of and nothing worked to help with the pulling because he is the type of dog who always has his nose on the ground (like most other beagles). I now have a double D ring harness for Spencer and taight hin the "no pulling" command.

This is the one I have. I like the 2 D-rings because this way he can't bust out of it (he has slipped out of collars and broken the clips on them as well from pulling.

This is what I have:

I tried this but it kept loosening on him and he could almost get out of it.

And this one worked for a while but he learned to pull in it too.

I also use one like this one on Sydney but she is not a puller.
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Marko, that is very similar to the one that Sydney has. I am thinking about getting one for Spencer. I will have to see who sells them around here.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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