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I need some help on picking out the right harness for the girls.
Maggie is no problem on a leash. She'll walk right beside you and never pull.
Then there is her darling sister Jasmine. She pulls,reverse sneezes,pulls, reverse sneezes... etc... You can actually see Maggie's eye roll back like "Oh boy here she goes again". I feel bad walking her? I know I need a harness, and I did see one at petco that was made by 4 paws and is also good for the car?

Any suggestions will help?
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I like the harnesses made by Lupine. They are a little more expensive than most brands but worth it to me. The ring sits lower on the chest, not high up by Jersey's throat. And the straps aren't close to her legs. There is just one strap that goes under her belly. Plus, if anything should happen to it, Lupine will replace it for free. Even if it gets chewed by the dog, they still replace it for free. Take your dog in with you and try on several until you find one that fits well. Walk around the store a little bit with Jasmine to see how it works. Jersey used to pull a lot as well. She actually hurt her throat one time from pulling so hard. That's when I switched to a harness. Our trainer hated us for it, but since Jersey never mastered loose leash walking, I didn't have much of a choice.
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That harness is very similar to the Sporn No-Pull harness we have for Summer (had one for Murphy too). They work very well for heavy pullers. It has two draw backs though:

1. Alot of pulling can cause chaffing at the armpit area. Summer ended up bald there.

2. If you dog decides to be stubborn and not move, you can't pull him since it tightens around the front legs.

One great thing, no more reverse sneezing due to pulling in a standard collar.

We liked them.
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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