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Happy New Year

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I would like to take this time to wish each and every visitor and member of Beagle World a very happy new year. Joe and I have brought in the New Year with a new look and a nice change to our community. The max pixel width of 450 pixels wide has been changed to 650 pixels with the new look.

May each and everyone have a safe and happy New Year.
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Happy New Year to you and Joe!! I, too, love the new look. The blue background makes it much easier to read messages. Especially like the ability to see the postings below the "post a reply" section. Will no longer have to go back and forth to messages to get names right ... my "senior moments" have extended into "senior days" so need all the help I can get! Haunting eyes on the beagle on the banner -- is that a BW beagle?
Quote:Originally posted by JAISP Tech:
An added touch Murphy's name is in binary below the image.
Very clever!! I did think there was something there but couldn't figure out what it was. Great choice to have Murphy in the honorary spot. :thumbup: Thanks to both you and Joe for all your hard work. Didn't mention it before but the increase in pixel size will definitely make folks happy. Happy New Year -- you definitely deserve a healthy 2007!
Happy New Year to all my fellow beagle lovers! Thanks to Joe and Dave for all their hard work, and I agree that Murphy deserves special recognition. :thumbup: Without him, there'd be no Beagle World.
Happy New Year to everyone! I too love the new look. It's so much easier to read. Thanks! I also like that Mr. Murphy has a place of honor on the front page. :thumbup:
Happy New Year to all!

I hope everyone likes the new look. It will be here for a while. The old design was 4 years old. We needed a face lift.
1 - 5 of 20 Posts
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