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SO today is Zelda's first birthday!!!

Yesterday she got TONS of presents.... all of which have been eaten already or ripped apart, but that's okay, it's her birthday!! She got a frisbee, three tennis balls, a bone, dog cookies from the dog bakery, and some sticks. I also made her a sparkly pink bandana that said BDAY GIRL on it that she wore when we took her to the dog park. She saw a puggle there digging one heck of a hole, and she made friends instantly. All the other dogs were bigger than her, so she just ran near them, but then ran back once she got close to them lol cute.

I'll probably get more pictures from her daddy's camera another day, but here are some for now!!

and in case you don't have me on facebook (or maybe you do and you haven't seen it yet) here's a link to a video of Zelda trying to eat a cloud of bugs!! she's smart...



1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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