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Happy Birthday!

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To Moose (7) and Canada (140)!

We don't know Moose's actual birthday but he was 1 1/2 when we adopted him in January 2002 and so that would make his birthday around now - so we figured by making his deemed birthday on the July 1 Canada Day holiday he would get an extra special birthday every year because we wouldn't be working (although I'm at work now so obviously that plan didn't work out quite as well as we had hoped - but we are having a BBQ for him tonight)!
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Happy seventh Moosie! Hope you have a great day. :rainbow:
Happy Birthday Moosie! I hope you enjoy your BBQ tonight. Sounds yummy to me!
Have a very Happy Birthday, Moose! :happyhappy:
Happy Birthay To you, Happy Birtday TOO YOU, Happy Biirthday to Moose, Haappy BIRTHDAY TOOO YOOUUUU!!!! AAARROOOO!!!!


Birthdays are something to dance about.
Happy Birthday.
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:bounce: Happy birthday....arrrrroooooooooooo! :bounce: :happyhappy:
Happy Birthday, Moosie!! I know you are going to enjoy your barbecue.

(Kathleen -- Love the dancing Snoopy!)
:bounce2: Happy B-day Moosie.....enjoy your party :bounce2:
sorry, something here went wrong for me... trying the wishes again..
Happy happy birthday to you and to Canada of course... enjoy your BBQ (and save us some :raspberry: )
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Happy Birthday Moose! :happyhappy:
Happy Birthday, Moose!

From your friends in Virginia...Henry B. and Denise!!!
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