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Happy Birthday Teddy!

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We got Teddy 4 years ago as a rescue,we think he is 5. The Humane Society gave him Feb. 14th as his birthday because he is such a sweetie! :bounce:
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Teddy and Buddy share a birthday! Well we adopted Buddy 4 years ago and we decided that is his bday and they think he was 3 or 4 when we got him, so he is a lucky seven today! We gave him his bday gifts this morning...a squeky chipmunk, treats, birthday cookies.

Happy Birthday Teddy...Happy Birthday Buddy Valentine (that is his full name).....
Four years of pure happiness you have brought to us....i am sure Teddy has done the same!
Happy Birthday to Teddy and Buddy!!! :thumbup:
Happy birthday boys!!
Happy Birthday to Teddy & Buddy! Thanks to both families for rescuing your pups.
Happy B-Days to Teddy and Buddy! I have no idea even what time of the year the Bagel was born so we celebrate my B-day together. Valentines day seems like a perfect B-Day
Happy Birthday to you Teddy & Buddy! I hope you both have a great day.
Today is Megan's un-official birthday also! We are guesstimating that she is now around 7. We got her in the middle of August the day before she was to be put down. So we made her birthday Valentine's Day. She has really lived up to it. She is a real sweetheart. Just before I started this post, Austin had a seizure, not a bad one but still knocked him for a loop. I was sitting on the couch holding him and talking to him, Megan hops up on the couch next to us and just gets as close to him and she can and just sits there like, "it is ok Austin, we are here with you". If that is not a little sweetheart, I don't know what is!
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Happy Birthday to two special boys and Megan. :happyhappy:
Happy Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday AND Happy Valentine's Day Teddy and Buddy! :heart:
Happy Birthday Teddy. Hope it was a special day. And Happy Birthday to Buddy and Megan. What could be more appropriate than a valentine birthday for such sweethearts.
Happy Birthday Teddy and Buddy!! Hope you had a wonderful day.
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Teddy!!! :happyhappy:

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