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Happy Birthday Sammy !!!!!

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Today my precious girl turns 11 !! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif

It just doesn't seem possible that another year has gone by and she is still a spunky beagle girl. This picture was taken by Joe in November when he was in FL. He captured her perfectly (even the sloppy sit !!)

In a few moments we are off to the beach to celebrate 11 happy years !!!
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Sammy, you are a pretty girl!! Do tell us your secret to youth. You look so young and vibrant!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Sammy, you really are a lovely young lady. No wonder you're so precious to your mom!
We hope you have a wonderful "barkday" with LOTS of treats and "prezzies".
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how lovely! Happy Happy Sammy!!!!
Happy Birthday! Very good photo of a beautiful beagle. :bounce: :bounce2: :happyhappy:

Have a great day! :wave:

Bruce, Karen, Sadie, and Sparky
Happy birthday from Wee Willy and his mom
Happy Birthday Sammy! You are such a beatiful girl!!!
Happy Birthday, beautiful Sammy! :heart: Enjoy your day at the beach, and don't forget to ask for treats. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif
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Dear Sammy -- have a wonderful birthday!! The weather is just perfect for your beach day -- have fun and I expect there will be yummy treats for you today.
HAVE a WONDERFUL birthday Sammy!!
Sammy, you are quite the beautiful birthday girl, happy birthday!
Happy Birthday Sammy! I hope that you enjoyed your day at the beach. Jersey and I send you bunches of Beagley kisses.
Sammy, you are so cute. Happy Birthday from Maggie and I.
Happy Birthday from Holly and I, Sammy!!!
Happy Birthday Sammy!
:bounce: :bounce: :bounce2:

Hope you had a fun time at the beach!
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