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Happy 6th Birthday Connor!!!!

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Oh well....

Belly up to the bowl.... Happy Meals all around!

:heart: I Love You, Little S&%t! (he answers to that too :heart:

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Happy Birthday O' Dog of Many Nicknames! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif and you look so innocent ...
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Happy Birthday Connor (Love that name, by the way!). Enjoy your special birthday Happy Meal. You don't look like a bad boy, you look sweet and precious. Of course, Jersey looks like a little angel, but is quite the devil sometimes. :evilgrin:
What a handsome boy, he looks like Goober did as a young beag! :thumbup: Keep everything out of reach as that is about the age Goober was when he ate part of my guacamole chicken submarine sandwich while avoiding pulling it down to the floor in a "thump" that would have alerted me! Beagles are very clever & "can outsmart" the "average human"! :rolleye11:
Btw, for the new folks here...Goober turned 15 yrs
old over 2 months ago! And he is still a very active & healthy beag despite the fact that his age has rendered him nearly blind & deaf! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif
That has not "slowed him down" much, but my vet suggested that I not move the furniture as he gets
older & "navigates by memory"! But as he works on
his 16th year, he still gets the "zoomies" when I come home from work & manages to greet me before "Homer-the-Huge" can! :thumbup:
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Happy Birthday to a Yankee Doodle Connor! :bounce2: Hope you had a great day with lots of treats.
:bounce: :bounce:
Happy birthday Connor! Have a very special day.
NR, I love that quotation about housing estates, it is soooooo true!!!
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