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Today is Duke's 2nd birthday! My little man Duke has come such a long way since we adopted him at 3 months old. He was such a handful as a pup but oh, so cute. I swear, we could not take our eyes off him for more than 30 seconds for the first 6 months! And he was always in motion, but always in fun. He just has this adorable personality and spirit that is contagious (and makes us very forgiving).

At a year old, we started seeing a new maturity in Duke. He lost his mentor, Roscoe, right after that and it turned him into a little man. A few months later, we got his new beagle pal, Violet. He still had his lab mommy, Cassie, but needed someone younger that could play with him. At almost 13, Cassie couldn't even try to keep up with Duke. We found the perfect match in Violet, and they became fast friends.

In the past year, we've seen Duke really mature and he has turned into quite a fine young man. Oh, he still steals bras and food and whatever else he thinks he can get away with, but I have to admit that I love that little mischievous streak in him and would miss it if he ever grew out of it entirely.

He and Violet and Cassie all got special treats tonight and lots of play time and cuddle time! Happy birthday to my little Dukie-Doo, I hope we have many, many more to share together.


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Happy Birthday Duke! You're such a handsome boy. It sounds like you make your family very happy.

And as for that mischievous streak...I'm with you...if Jersey ever fully outgrows hers, I'll miss it a lot. I like that bit of now what! mystery.
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