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Halti Head Collar OR Sporn Halter? Need Opinion - Buying Today

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So, I'm done with the pulling... its not cute anymore :eyes: My hands have calluses from the plastic retractiable leash, so I switched to a regular nylon leash & I seriously have raw rub marks & sores on my hands from the pulling of this low to the ground pulling 30+lb (seems like 80+lb) boy.
I LOVE him SO much in the house... but its gotten to the point where I dread taking him for a walk, and that makes me sad, that should be a happy time, you know? (I know you all know... who am I talking to, but to THE group who understands, LOL!)
SO... TODAY after my husband gets home from work, I shall be purchasing a Halti Head Collar OR a Sporn Halter. Please those that have experiences with each, tell me your good and bad experieneces with each. If you have photo's with your dogs with them on, please post them, I'd love to see the REAL thing on a Beagle.
Another thing is that his baying & mindless scent hound activity has gotten out of control, I know... he's a beagle... whattaya' gonna do.
I had NO clue it could BE this bad... Like I said, apparently I was Spoiled with my previous Beagle, she was so quiet. But I got an order of disturbance letter from the Townhouse assocation if I don't get my dog under control as there have been complaints about my dog "howling" at 5am, 11pm etc. So I have no choice but to purchase some sort of Bark Correction Device. It that or the are going to make me get rid of my dog... I WILL NOT do that. If the Bark Correction does not work, I will have no other option as we cannot just get up and Move, financially we cannot just MOVE. You know? But I have no choice but to take him out to go potty... I have no control over when he catches a scent, I've tried rubbing perfume under his nose to mask smells etc... it works for only a short time & that's ONLY if he doesn't SEE a bunny, or another dog... or SOMETHING to make noise at. ;(

I'm in quite a quandry here. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/confused.gif /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif

~ Louri ~ Mommy to Quads (we'll be 4 years old in 4 months)
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Louri, sorry to hear that you are having troubles. I've been using gentle leader harness, Charlie still pulls, it is gentler on my hands. I keep the leash short, loop my left hand and cross over to the right,loop again with my right hand to control, and Charlie walks on my right slightly ahead of me. I try to keep it that way through out the walk. When my right hand gets tire I use my left.
Well, Charlie is small, he is only 24lb, I can still manage so far.
The bark control device, I've used it, Charlie gotten used to it and managed to bark the right tone that it does not give out static that much. :biglaugh:
All it is, is a device that give out static to the sound, the louder it is the more static it will give out. Just like you touches the clothes fresh out from the dryer. It it scary to the dogs. It is not cheap, over $60, and I'm not using it anymore. Charlie barks free! He barks for a reason, when he is provoked, dogs walking by over the fence(we have a corner house), and barking dogs from a distance. But he does not bark to a door bell! :eyes:
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