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Halloween costumes for your dog!

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I know it is still early, but I am so excited. Is anyone dressing up their beagle or other dogs up for Halloween? I am dressing Lucky up as a skunk. There is a reason for this and not because he stinks. When he gets scared and freaks out, he has a streak of hair that runs along his back that stands up. I call him skunk when he does this. He will be so cute. I will definitely post pictures once the costume comes in the mail! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif

Here is a picture of the costume:
Skunk Costume
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Call me a spoil sport, but I think putting pets in costumes is just wrong. The most my two will see is a bandana.

Beagles unite... Just say NO to costumes! :raspberry:
I must respectfully disagree with your interpretation of what Lucky is communicating when his hackles come up!

The only time I've seen the hackles up on the Bagel is when he is being very Bravehearted. You misinterpret the raising of the erectile hairs along the Lucky's back, that is showing the world he is concerned and ready to defend his pack, I suspect in Lucky's mind that means with his life if necessary. Lucky is reacting bravely, with concern and alarm but not trepidation. If he cowered and put his tail between his legs he would be scared and freaked out, when the hackles come up he is being vary brave!
Quote:Originally posted by LuckyBeagle:
Bob, I have to disagree. Lucky has the skunk hair thing and he runs to the corner with his tail between his legs and hides. He is a very skiddish beagle! He is not very brave.
Well, I admit that the tail between the legs and going to a corner is not being very brave. The few times I've seen the Bagel's hackles come up, he has stood fast, emitted a deep guttural growl, and prepared to defend in battle. He has done this a few times to real threats (cornered rattlesnakes, mean dogs) but fortunately has stood his ground waiting for the other critter to make the first move. I suspect that he would hold his ground if I didn't respond like pulling him back (good harness) with snakes and mean dogs, The only two times I haven't intervened were when the Bagel misinterpreted the apparent danger. I call those two instances the "Attack of Killer Cooler Pads" and the "Invasion of the Giant Spider". Both times after growling he slowly but steadfastly approached the perceived danger, hackles raised and defiant guttural growl. The Cooler Pads were just seltzer pads removed from my garage swamp and the giant spider was a motorcycle stand and I don’t think the brave hearted Bagel was amused at my laughter. Lucky is still a pup, but raising hackles to me means “Take Me Serious!”
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Li'l Girl would be sure that I was trying to do her great bodily harm if I tried to put a costume on her. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif
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