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Guess what Charlee is allergic to???

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GRASS!! For the past few weeks he's had small red bumps on his belly near the groin area. Then he got a few more on the front of his left leg by the shoulder. Last night we noticed more on his belly and a few on his side. Took him to the vet today and he said they are pustules due to a topical allergy to grass. Put him on Temaril and Clavamox. If the Temaril takes the bumps away, we should be able to decrease the dose to every other day which will take us thru the summer. Gonna be a loonnnggg summer for Charlee otherwise. Doc also said Charlee needs to lose a few pounds. We just changed his food this week so we'll have to cut down on treats too. Poor puppy is getting it from all ends!!
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Wow, that isn't much of a life for a puppy. Can Charlee be on the grass as long as the medications are administered or do you have to keep him off the grass completely? I feel so bad for him. This comes from someone allergic to everything but peanut butter and water in the way of foods and I think I am allergic to EVERYTHING outside! I know how miserable it can be. Hopefully the medications will give him some relief.
Awww...poor Charlee. That stinks! I guess you could do a gravel yard or an astroturf yard.

I hope the bumps are gone soon. Oh and to have to start a diet at the same time. Charlee may need a few extra belly rubs this summer!!!
poor charlee
i second the astroturf or something similar. poor babe give him an extra belly rub for me, i hope he gets better soon.
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Poor Charlee! Grass is not a good thing for a beagle to be allergic to.
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Would it help to use the dog bath wipes and wipe his belly off after he's been in the yard?

Just trying to think of a way to help Charlee a little.
My yard is waaaaayyyyy too big for astro turf LOL!. As far as I know, the vet said the meds should take us thru the summer and we'll go from there. There's about 10 bumps total right now so hopefully that'll be it. He hasn't been biting on them since I gave him the meds so that's a good thing. This really does suck though.
That's so odd. Zelda had bumps exactly like that when she was a pup!!... I kept telling her she was growing extra nipples. The vet just gave us some antibacterial soap and told us to wash the area twice a day and powder some cornstarch on it afterwards... the bumps went away in no time!!

Obviously I hope nothing is really wrong with Charlee, but I also hope that in the end, if you have to pay for a ton of medications over time to keep it calm, that it IS an allergy and not just something like Zelda had that could be cleared with just soap.

As nice as vets seem to be, you just never know sometimes.
Poor Charlee. At least you were able to figure out what he is allergic to and know how to help him.
Poor Charlee! I hope the meds help him!
Awww - poor Charlee. My sis has Westies and grass is one common allergen for Westies. Hadn't heard much about it bothering Beagles tho - Charlee still a pup? Can pups grow out of this allergy? Make sure that any food/treat that is fed - has absolutely NO corn products in it - corn is a common allergen in Beagles.
I got a better explanation from the vet as to what Charlee has. It's considered atopic, so it's an inhalant allergy from the grass pollen. Not a contact allergy. Charlee is just a year old and he said most dogs develop allergies between one and 4 yrs of age. Chance he could outgrow it. He's due to go back for shots in August so we're going to take it from there. So far the itching seems to have subsided so I guess the meds are helping. Now to get a few pounds off him. Looks like Mommy and Puppy are both on a diet. LOL!
My two have seasonal allergies to something growing in the grass like dandelions (sp?). I took them for a walk through a new area of wide open grass with dandelions and OMG - constant sneezing and reverse sneezing - got the Benedryl out as soon as I got home.

AND, these are two puppy mill dogs who lived outside 365 days a year!!! Geesh...
My first beagle Benny was allergic to grass and pollen. He would chew his feet raw. The vet would give him a shot for instant relief and then he would take medication. Molly is definately allergic to pollen, she just walks outside and gets all itchy.
Poor, poor Charlie. I never heard of a dog being allergic to grass....how will he survive. Thank goodness for medicine...let's hope it works.
Just a forewarning: Charlie will probably be drinking more water because the Temaril-P (if that's what he's on) has a steroid in it. Daisy was on Temaril-P (lower dosage) for about 6 months and she gained a little weight and drank more water. After a while I think her body adjusted but I did notice a difference.

Hope he feels better soon!
I go through the samething wil Coco. He gets little red bumps around his belly when he rolls around on the grass.
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Sadie has allergies to grass too. Her belly used to stay broken out with a rash. It would get bad sometimes and she would have to take antibiotics and steriods. We have her on Tavist antihistimine now. Works very well. Our vet recommended it. You can get it at any pharmacy over the counter. But ask your vet first.
How rough is that for a dog?? Poor guy!

I hope the meds help to clear it up. I like the idea of wiping him down when he comes inside, too. Can't hurt!
If Totti was allergic to grass.. oh, that poor beagle would probably go into depression!! I hope Charlee responds well to the medicine and can be happy in the grass again!

And I feel you on the weight issue. My vet told us Friday Totti is maxed out at 30 lbs and isn't allowed to gain another. So we are now walking him a lot more and cutting back significantly on his treats.
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