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Hello everyone!
This is quite embarrassing, but here goes...

We adopted Zoe on Jan 31, 2009 at the age of 7 1/2 months. She is from a kill shelter down South and was spending time in foster care. Zoe is a beagle mix - we are told lab but I think that is not 100% the case.
Anyways, I thought that maybe she was more like a lab at first so I joined a lab message board.

Little did I know, after a few months now, Zoe is definitely beagle!!! I finally read up on beagles and I was taken aback. If you never saw a picture of her, but just knew stories about her - you wouldn't second guess that she is a beagle!! I'm so happy I've now discovered this

And, I am very happy to have found this message board because after a few private training sessions, I am now learning that despite what Zoe now knows I do not have to feel like an idiot every time she ignores me!! So, I'd love to read everyone's stories and advice and get to know other beagle owners as you guys will probably know better than my trainer!!!

Thanks in advance, everyone!!
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