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Good Day....

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Well, it turned out that way anyhow. Blue had a paploma wart removed from his lip and it turned out okay. Two stitches, but other than that he did well and the wart was clear. It grew four times it's original size in four weeks and was getting the point that it would hang in his mouth when he ate. Just ugly and a little unnerving. I still don't understand why they didn't remove it while they were taking x-rays on his back and had him knocked out.

We have also been given clearance by the State, the Feds and pretty much everyone to run our dog bakery out of the house for now. It's driving the Beagle nuts to have that food baking, but he gets to taste each batch. Our first official sale is in two weeks so we will see how this goes and apply for our official tax licenses in January (just running a temporary license for now).

Now if Mom can just survive inventory on Monday and cooking for 85 at Thanksgiving we will have a great month!!!
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Sounds like a very good day! I think Daisy has one on her lower lip. It's very small, but I shall surely have it checked by the vet at her next visit.

Very happy for you with your new business -- hope it takes off big time!!

Good luck,
Monica and Daisy:)
Maria, I am so excited. I shared the samples you sent me with other doggie lovers here, even some non-beagles, and they loved them. Please let me know when you are ready to do some shipping and prices.

Glad Blue is o.k. Congratulations on your new business, we wish you a great success. Are you cooking for 85 humans or dogs on thanksgiving!
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I hope you have great success with your new business.
Cooking for 85!
What an ambitious soul you are!
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Thanks everyone!!! Yes it is 85 humans and thank goodness I don't have to do it all, but we did get turkey and mashed potato duty again this year. My brother wants to get creative this year, so we will see how this works.

Monica, the vet said they usually go away in a few weeks. Blue's however was very large after being there for four weeks. I didn't take any pictures because I was a little disturbed!!! It was about the length of the top of my pinkie.

Cathy, check your PM.
Congratulations and good luck with your new bakery business!
Good luck on your bakery business. Be sure to post something when/if you decide to ship your product.
That's great Maria!!
on the new business.... I'm sending Chloe for some tastings if you don't mind

Good luck with Thanksgiving dinner..... 85-geesh!
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Send her over Eleanor, you can always come visit with her!!! What's one more for Thanksgiving!!

I would love to ship, but we have some logistical issues that the treats are only good for a couple of days unless they are frozen. Once frozen, they can't be frozen again after they thaw. Need to work on that and then I will let everyone know.
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