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Re: Goobers time has run-out!

This is exactly what happened to my first dog which was a mixed-breed border collie named JJ. When she got to about 10 years old, she was always laying down with her back tightly snug against the bookcase all day long because she had arthiritis in her back. The longer she slept with her back against the bookcase, her legs and arms were slowly going to waste. It was very pitiful to watch her condition deteriorate over the next few years. We did walk her as much as she could tolerate it but eventually her condition had gotten so bad that by the time I told my parents, Please put JJ to sleep. I hate to see her being this crippled. I know it's the right thing to do., we were having to carry her outside to let her pee and do poopy then carry her back inside. She was that crippled. Upon my request, they took her to the vet and she died peacefully in just a few minutes after the vet put her to sleep. When she died, only her right leg was the only good limb she had. The rest were wasted away. I wish I hadn't let her live as long as she did and end up being so pitifully crippled.

Now that I have Dillon if he ends up like JJ did, I'm not gonna allow him to get as badly crippled as JJ was. I am sad to hear Goober has ended up the same way JJ did. He'll be waiting for you up in Heaven.
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