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Goobers time has run-out!

Born on 12 April 1992, he has been the healthiest & longest
living beagle to date! But, saturday morning he was stricken
with the same symptoms that my first beag Snapper died from!
Goober had arthrits as well but they also had calcifcation of
the spine. Like Snapper... Goober awoke to paralized rear legs
and the only hope is in a cocktail of vitamin E & lecithin &
500 to 1000mg of ester c & nux-vomica 30 C. (I just had to
pause here as he tried to make his way to the dog door to
carry him out to pee)! Beagles have a very strong will to live
but I fear that monday will be his last day on earth as the
old-school treatments have produced no improvements so far!
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