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Goober the Super Beagle!!!

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Well Goober is still "his normal self" despite his age! :thumbup: He is nearly 15 yrs old & has broken our record for Beagles, thus far! :thumbup: He will spend the rest of /remainder of his life "snugled in my armpt"!!
Goober is my first "little boy"! :thumbup:
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I hope mine last as long as do as well as Goober.
Long live King Goober. ----- bows to him on way out of the throne room ----
Goober is king.....long live the king! :thumbup:
Yep Goober is doing very well after his tail surgery! And as it turns-out, he does not have cataracts in his eyes...(just a slight one in his right eye!) But he has some trouble "seeing" (like his old man)! I used to have 20/15 vision in my youth...(but ,now I need reading glasses)! :rolleyes:
Snapper was my first beagle...(Despite being a roughly 5 year old beag/foxhound mix)! Adopted from the local shelter! He was a very intelligent dog that taught Pop & I a LOT! Goober on the other hand ..."Came to me,as a pup"! And even the
breeders said..."OH, You come pre-trained"! Yes I
know about beags & how to resist their charms!
Great to hear Goober is doing so well.
He is obviously well cared for, well done you.
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...Goober is my first "little boy"! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif

I am just thinking, is Goober our elder here on the board? Who's the oldest? Yes...of the Beags....
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Great job! Way to go Goober! I hope you have many more happy and healthy years together. :happyhappy:
Well.Cheerio, I refer to Goober as my "little hound" despite his large beagle size! And Homer-the-huge was first thought of as a beag-mix pup, by his adopted size! But Homer the Huge grew from a beagle pup to a "Ghiant hound"! (HOMER IS NOW NEARLY, 80 LBS!)
Well, It seem,s that Goober is the elder beag here now that he is rapidly approaching the age of 15 on 12 April! :thumbup: My "Good ol boy" still gets the "zoomies" when I get home after work & "licks his chops like all our past & present hounds when asked... "Are you ready for your din-din?"! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif
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Atta boy Goober!! Keep on keepin' on!!! :thumbup:
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