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Well... its that time of year again. This time we will be going to the Jersey shore (instead of Florida). But first, we will be taking Summer to Bushkill Falls in the Pocono Mountains on Saturday. Miles of trails to hike and 7 waterfalls. Murphy loved that place. It won't be the same but Summer like it there too.

Saturday night, down the shore. Sunday, just relax.

Monday we are going to Stone Harbor just to walk Summer around the shops. The are a couple of pet shops there (no animals, just pet stuff to buy).

Tuesday we will be taking the ferry to Cape Henlopen State Park to give Summer some beach time. Then lunch at a pet-friendly seafood restaurant Frani found (Summer and my favorite food), and some shopping at the outlet malls.

Thursday we are going whale and dolphin watching WITH SUMMER! She is allowed on the boat. This should be interesting.

Hopefully the weather holds and it stays nice. The rest of the time is just to relax. I'll be checking in, but the internet there is iffy at best.

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Have a great time!
We're heading to the Keys for a long weekend, but not taking our two. They will be staying at Karen's sister's house with her two labs. Sounds like more fun for them than the kennel. I miss them already, but four nights, camping on the boat, would be too much for all of us.
I hope Summer has a great boat ride!

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Have a great vacation! As planned, I will be in the Idaho
outback in october for the Elk season! I will miss everyone
here for 3 weeks, unless Pop or I make a kill. (We still have
enough deer meat in the freezer) to pass on harvesting a deer
this year! But Pop spent soo much time of his youth working his
butt off as a single parent...to raise me that he had to
deviate from family tradition to the point that I am the one
to teach him how to kill & field dress a deer! This season,
I will pass on a deer tag in the hopes that Pop will bag a
buck that will be his lifetime one like my first one was!!!
Enjoy your vacation!!! Thumbup!
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