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Virginia's Mom, I haven't used that on my dogs, but, I & hubby have used it. And, I've given it to our horses. It takes a while to get in their system & get working. But, once it does, it's great. After a while we switched to Yucca. It's an anit-inflamatory. It works pretty good too. But, I would use the G & C first. Those two together rebuild/regenerat new cartlage. Then you might switch to the Yucca (it's a lot less expensive). The only thing is, I haven't been able to find Yucca for dogs, so....

Anyway, I know that doesn't answer your question. But, I would say ask your vet to suggest a brand, or variety (liquid or pill). Or ask at your favorite pet supply store which is their best seller.

I'm a believer in both. Good luck, hope Virginia is getting around better soon.

Kathy & Murphy
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