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Ginger's Physical Therapy

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Lately Ginger's arthritis has flared up again so she has hardly been walking at all. I knew that it would be great to get her to swim and move her joints, but didn't have a pool deep enough for her to do some actual swimming. Thankfully, I found this kiddie pool for 5 dollars that is just deep enough to let me hold her up and practice her stroke technique lol... We spent 30 minutes in the pool then went for a short walk down the street.

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Does she enjoy it? She kind of looks like she's saying get me out of here.

Very cute though!
Gem would hate that with a passion but I think it would take Holly a few minutes before she realised she was wet. (I'm not saying she is dim but I think she would be blonde if she were human) I do hope it helps the arthritus and makes Ginger feel a bit easier on your walks.
Ginger looks sweet in those pictures, but I agree, looks like she is about to say: get me to dry land..... PLEASE!!
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Ginger wasn't too crazy about the water at first, but once she started moving around, she didn't mind it at all. She was VERY happy to be able to go for a walk!
Very creative therapy! I bet Ginger realized that it was a great way to cool down in our relentless summer heat.
Good idea! Hope it continues to help Ginger's arthritis!
I bet the pool feels nice in the heat though!! In the second pic she looks as if she's starting to enjoy the water. I'm glad its helping out with her arthritis, she's such a cutie!!
That's a great idea. Wish I could do something like that for Cassie (who has been having a tough time of it lately with her arthritis, hip issues). But, I'd have to find a 4' pool for her to swim in.

Hope the pool therapy continues to work for Ginger so she can have her much-enjoyed walks!
I know that for me the pool is best for my arthritic knees,so it has to be good for the pups too. It would be nice to have a deeper pool, where she still doesn't have to put her weight on it....but at least this is cooling and a little lighter.

I thought beagles were supposed to like water???? Not Cobi, only to drink!
Matthew, you're really a good beagle daddy.
I hope the water therapy helps Ginger's joints.
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What an awesome idea. I am glad to hear that it works out well. Hopefully it continues to help out with the joints.
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