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Quote:Originally posted by Gingergoose:

1) What is the name of your beagle(s)?


2) What is your favorite nickname for him/her?

Char or baby

3) Where were you when you first laid eyes on
your beagle?

We picked him up at the breeder, he was very shy stayed in one corner.

4) What is your favorite beagle part?

Ears and tail
5) What talent(s) does your beagle possess?

I really do not know, he knows his tricks, trained. Well, then must be the no-hand standing on his hind legs peeping up the kitchen counter.

6) Where is your beagle's favorite place to

In his cosy crate.

7) Where is the farthest your beagle has

:redface: to the doggy park.

8) Where is your beagle's favorite place to be

His tummy!
daddy has a new massage therapy method, the two black spots right under his ears on his cheeks, that is the temple on human. A few rub, he is all yours.

9) Is your beagle a slug or an athelete?

athelete, he runs fast.

10) What color is your beagle's collar?

1 - 1 of 66 Posts
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