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We've done this before and it was fun. Copy and paste these questions to a reply box and replace the previous answers with your own.

1) What is the name of your beagle(s)?


2) What is your favorite nickname for him/her?

Henry B., B., Beegoo.

3) Where were you when you first laid eyes on
your beagle?

In the parking lot of a Burger King when they
took him off of the transport truck and put
him in my arms. (See profile picture)

4) What is your favorite beagle part?

The eyes.

5) What talent(s) does your beagle possess?

He can catch a frisbee if it is thrown just

6) Where is your beagle's favorite place to

In the bed with everybody else.

7) Where is the farthest your beagle has

From southwest Louisiana to Roanoke, VA.

8) Where is your beagle's favorite place to be

His tummy!

9) Is your beagle a slug or an athelete?

A slug.

10) What color is your beagle's collar?

Black with his tags.
1 - 1 of 66 Posts
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