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1) What are the names of your beagles?

Susi and Snoopy

2) What is your favorite nickname for him/her?

Precious for both, Snoopy sometimes gets called Snoops.

3) Where were you when you first laid eyes on
your beagle?

In their chalet in a dog's home. Susi ran to us to see who we were and Snoopy sat in his basket wide eyed and nervous.

4) What is your favorite beagle part?

The eyes.

5) What talent(s) does your beagle possess?

Susi can catch and kill a mouse in a split second. Snoopy can pirruette when excited.

6) Where is your beagle's favorite place to
In their basket until 6am then on our bed with us.

7) Where is the farthest your beagle has

These two to Scotland. (Our first beagle went to the Iranian border and the Sahara)

8) Where is your beagle's favorite place to be

Susi on her tummy, Snoopy behind his ears, but he loves to have his tummy rubbed as well.

9) Is your beagle a slug or an athelete?

They laze about a lot but when they run, oh boy then they are atheletes.

10) What color is your beagle's collar?
Susi's is red, Snoopies is blue.

Angela and the pack
1 - 1 of 66 Posts
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