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1) What is the name of your beagle(s)?

Shasta 11, Austin 8, Megan 7

2) What is your favorite nickname for him/her?

Shasta - Wimpkins, Fuzz Butt
Austin - Munchkin, A-Bug, Boy toy
Megan - Meganette, Nutmeg

3) Where were you when you first laid eyes on
your beagle?

Shasta - home of a Colorado Beagle Rescuer
Austin - local park, transported by Beagle Rescue
Megan - local humane society the night she was to be PTS.

4) What is your favorite beagle part?

Shasta - her eyes and foot long tail
Austin - his eyes and 5 inch tail
Megan - her eyes, black wiskers and abundant ticking

5) What talent(s) does your beagle possess?

All 3 are love sponges. They will take all the loving and attention they can get and then ask for more. Shasta has her own little language and frequently talks to her self. Austin can spin in circles like a little break dancer. Megan is a Diva in training and fully expects to be raised to royalty any day now.

6) Where is your beagle's favorite place to

Shasta since she is my "industrial size" Beagle standing at 17 inches sleeps in any available dog bed at night, but her contract states that our king-size bed is hers for the 12 hr period of 9am until 9pm where she can be found stretched out as far as she can.
Ausin spends at least half the night tucked in tight next to me.
Megan will get up on our bed and sit there and wait for us before she settles down. She is another snuggler. All 3 must have their blankets for all to be well in the world. Megan 50% of the time worms her way under the covers with a loud contented sigh and stays there until the whole gang decided to get up.

7) Where is the farthest your beagle has

All 3 are real homebodies and have never been out of town. All 3 love to ride in the car but it sometimes becomes a zoo.

8) Where is your beagle's favorite place to be

For Shasta it is ears, ears and ears.
Austin is a belly man. He has been know to flop down on the sizewalk trying to convince someone, anyone that he is going to die unless someone scratches his belly. Around here we call them "belly do's". As in "do my belly - now"!
Megan for some reason likes to have her whiskers stroked and second to that the ears.

9) Is your beagle a slug or an athlete?

On the whole I would have to say slug. But they certainly are the neighborhood busy bodies having to check out everything that goes by the house.

10) What color is your beagle's collar?

Shasta - Tan
Austin - Electric Blue befitting his personality
Megan - Red with flowers & hearts befitting our little sweetheart.
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