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1) What is the name of your beagle(s)?


2) What is your favorite nickname for him/her?

BabyGirl, Roo, Margaret Sue Ellen (only when in trouble!)

3) Where were you when you first laid eyes on
your beagle?

At midnight, rescued from a drug bust, I had to choose her from her sibs while surrounded by flashing police cars

4) What is your favorite beagle part?

Her eyes are hazel/green...unusual

5) What talent(s) does your beagle possess?

She reads ME like a book!

6) Where is your beagle's favorite place to

Touching mom

7) Where is the farthest your beagle has

'Bout 3 hours away

8) Where is your beagle's favorite place to be


9) Is your beagle a slug or an athelete?

An athlete

10) What color is your beagle's collar?

Maggie has an entire wardrobe of collars that I have made for her (noooooooo, she's not spoiled) /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif

1 - 1 of 66 Posts
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