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Getting ready for a new beagle

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Hey All,
I am new here and my name is Jenn. I currently don't have my beagle yet, but she will be ready to come home from the breeders around April 18. I have grown up with a dog all my life, but have never owned my own and don't know much about raising a puppy. :freak: I have been doing tons of research reading books and on the internet, so I will be as best prepared as possible. :read: Maybe you guys will be able to help out as far as the basic stuff I will need when Mocha comes home. I have so far bought a wire crate for crate training, some blankets, and a baby teething Kong. Can you guys recommend any other types of toys, treats or gear I may need when the little pup comes home. Thanks! I look forward to spending some time on this board!
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Welcome and congratulations. This is a very knowledgeable and passionate group of Beagle owners.

Many here have raised Beag's from pups (2 for me).
Pups require your patience and understanding. It sounds like you are doing all of the right things prior to bringing Mocha home.

They only advice I would give beyond what has been already offered, have an adequate stock of hard chew toys. The cute little stuffed toys will fall victom to the natural, determined chewing ability Beag pups have. Also the hard toys are more cost effective because of the longer life. I believe hard plastic / rubber toys also help keep the pup occupied and may help keep your pup from chewing something valuable like a couch, pillow, shoe, socks, eye glasses, legs of antique furniture, appliance cords, signed vintage hockey stick, guitar case, vinyl floor, towels to name a few. These are all items chewed by Beagle pup #1 because we provided more eatable, soft chew toys than hard toys.

I certainly wish you a long, happy life together. Please share some pics.

Good luck
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