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Getting ready for a new beagle

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Hey All,
I am new here and my name is Jenn. I currently don't have my beagle yet, but she will be ready to come home from the breeders around April 18. I have grown up with a dog all my life, but have never owned my own and don't know much about raising a puppy. :freak: I have been doing tons of research reading books and on the internet, so I will be as best prepared as possible. :read: Maybe you guys will be able to help out as far as the basic stuff I will need when Mocha comes home. I have so far bought a wire crate for crate training, some blankets, and a baby teething Kong. Can you guys recommend any other types of toys, treats or gear I may need when the little pup comes home. Thanks! I look forward to spending some time on this board!
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Hi welcome to BW!!!! Good luck with your new puppy. Once she is vacinated and you start to take her for walks, you will need a harness, also a collar with her ID disc. Microchipping is also a very good idea, so she can be traced easilly, if she runs off.
Is this Grimsby UK or USA? If the former you might be interested in the regulations for entering the UK from abroad. I'll wait until you say before writing all that.
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