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Getting ready for a new beagle

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Hey All,
I am new here and my name is Jenn. I currently don't have my beagle yet, but she will be ready to come home from the breeders around April 18. I have grown up with a dog all my life, but have never owned my own and don't know much about raising a puppy. :freak: I have been doing tons of research reading books and on the internet, so I will be as best prepared as possible. :read: Maybe you guys will be able to help out as far as the basic stuff I will need when Mocha comes home. I have so far bought a wire crate for crate training, some blankets, and a baby teething Kong. Can you guys recommend any other types of toys, treats or gear I may need when the little pup comes home. Thanks! I look forward to spending some time on this board!
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J&M, You are about to enter a field where many brave men fear to tread!!! "Just kidding", but beag pups & even "souphound" pups like Homer the huge can be a "handfull"! Most of my family have owned beags or walker hounds that were adopted. I am the first one in the family that has raised not one, but two dogs from early puppyhood! :thumbup: Since you are new here I will state that Goober is my first one that is nearly 15 yrs old & Homer-the-huge is nearly 5. I doubt that any scenario/incident will surprize me...& I will most likely have a good solution @ hand to help you! :thumbup: Welcome to the club/board! :thumbup:
To prevent chewing on things, a solution of alum mixed with water works good...But the best so far is Grannics bitter apple spray! That is what I had to use to keep "Homer-the-huge" from chewing his own exit near the back door! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif
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