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getting into the Halloween spirit early.

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Tucker just turned 8 months so we got him a new toy! Which he loves! Hope everyone enjoys the pics.


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I love that cute beagle face!!! Although a bit fuzzy, the pics are great.
Beautiful beagle! Love the toy!
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What a sweet face and I just love his coloring! I have to ask, does the toy still have it's stuffing?! (I love to watch how much fun they have pulling all that stuffing out!)
What a handsome Beagle Boy. I too was wondering about the toy stuffing - I love the happy look on Penny's face when she says look what I have done Mum and the toy stuffing is everywhere!
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The top of the pumpkin is slightly open but only a little stuffing has been gotten out, surprisingly this toy has lasted more than a day!
We just bought two of those pumpkins today for our two beagles. Rocky had his torn open and the squeaker halfway out within 15 minutes. LOL But we figured that would happen, it's his purpose in life when he gets a new toy. Daisy however has not shredded hers yet. I think she'll probably just play with it and carry it around.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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