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Quote:Originally posted by littledude:
H-D,I checked out Hunter's photos and though his facial coloring is a bit different(but for a beagle most are). If he is not all beagle,he is about 95% ! Never tried the genetic testing so don't know anything about it;sorry.
I agree with littledude - and even would go further to say that his facial coloration to me looks a lot like a beagle who is going grey... the pattern of the lighter colour on his face is almost exactly like our 7 year old beagle Moose - who started first to go grey around his nose and eyes and is now filling in the space between the two. Before Moose started to go grey about a year ago, his face was almost entirely brown - and I think all-brown faced beagles tend to show grey sooner than beagles with a white snout since the place where the grey starts is already white for the latter!

In any event, Hunter looks pretty beagle-y to me!
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