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I know I don't post often, but I do read every day. Just thought I would give an update on Daisy the Devil Dog.

> I have finally found a temporary fence system that works. She has not gotten out since. YAY!!

> She is getting slightly more affectionate, and will kiss me sometimes. Another YAY!

> She looks to me for protection. When we are at the dog park and things are potentially getting dicey, she puts her paws on my leg to pick her up.

> She is protective of my 14.5 year old AND my 7 month old dogs. My 7 month old gets nutzo and bothers the old dog. Daisy barks loudly at her. At the dog park, if a dog is getting too rough with the 7 month old, Daisy steps in and barks loudly. I'm pretty amazed at both of those things.

She still doesn't listen if she is on a scent and would escape in a heartbeat given the opportunity, but overall she is a pretty ok dog, and very cute. I look forward to more improvements from this hellion that I tried to give back but the rescue wouldn't take!
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