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G'day (aawrooo)

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New to the forums and thought I'd introduce myself as I think I'll be using this alot with my new family member.
My name is Dean, and the awwrooo is from Milo baying his hello. We are from Sydney, Australia.
Milo has been with me from 14 weeks and is now approaching 6 months. This time has been filled with laughter and joy that completely overwrites the frustration that comes with training any dog (especially Beagles, from what I read).
I've been reading the forums over the past few months so decided to finally join and be part of the community so I could share my experience and gain all the knowledge I can on the breed.
Hope to see you all on the boards!
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A quick hello and welcome from us before we head to bed - 5:30am comes early and don't wanna fall asleep at work.

Us = me, Kim and Shiloh B - the oldest at 6 and a half years and Shasta B. my little girl who will be 3 on 10/8/09. My avatar is a picture of them - I have had both since each was 7 and a half weeks old. They are actually uncle and neice - came from the same breeder. I add the B on their names here at BW because I think there is at least 1 other Beagle here with each name.

Oh, and we all love pictures here so if you get a chance - we'd love to see some.
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Looking forward to hearing more from you!
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thanks all for the warm welcome! I'm throwing my input in where i can so i'm sure you'll all hear more from me
just have to work on remembering to copy my photos off my camera so can get some uploaded
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Hi, new to this too. Just adopted a beautiful little lady from the shelter, who I named Beja. I live with my daughter and her family, and my daughter adopted Beja's sister who she named Mexia [ma-hay-a], since we couldn't split the two up. The best dog I ever had was Duchess who was what we called a 'ha-be-dog-le' as she was beagle & dachsund. I have a feeling that Beja and I will have a long crazy relationship. Again hi ya'll from Texas. I will put a picture when I get some.
welcome welcome to my post :p i mean our Beagle World!

you'll find alot of useful info here, i know i have!
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